Quilt: Double Sided Mystery quilt This was made as a mystery challenge. I liked it so much I made two then bound them together to make a double-sided quilt or lap quilt. Mauve and cream side shown; black, gold and cream on the other side. 43 x 53 inches. £9S

Quilt: Light and dark watercolour I quilt This type of quilt depends on the juxtaposition of light and dark fabrics to make a kind of watercolour or colourwash design. This was on display in a local church, 55 x 55 inches. £8D

Quilt: Rabbit Warren watercolour II quilt Another typical Katherine Guerrier type quilt made at a workshop run by her. It uses up a nice lot of the scrap basket. 47 x 64 inches. £70

Quilt: Jelly roll challenge 1: I saw this method using a jelly roll in a internet video, using a whole roll of strips. The challenge was to make the whole top in 45 minutes. Well mine took more like 2.5 hours and I didn’t use a jelly roll pack but strips that were in my scrap basket. I have taught this and it is amazing how different everybody’s quilts turn out. 41 x 67 inches. £40

Quilt: Stormy Sunset I designed this quilt from a photograph taken in Spain one early evening. The sun was just setting below an incredibly stormy sky and we went through torrents of rain not long after. The design is a strippy cut and cut again method. 35 x 40 inches. £50

Quilt: Bento Box Beauty Another quilt from a workshop, this time run by Stephanie Pettengell (the first Chair and Founder of Icknield Quilters). Bento boxes are popular in Japan as food-to-go. boxes. The design here is similar to the compartments found in them. I am very fond of lime green at the moment. I have a very pale lime green-yellow car, and I sometimes dress to match! 55 x 67 inches. This won the Judges Choice Rosette in the Mimram Quilters Competition March 2014. £60

Quilt: Square in a square scrap quilt Not yet finished! This is the top and it needs to be quilted. I have a pile of four waiting for the final touch! I do prefer to do hand quilting – it sets a cosier look. In machine quilting all the stitching is pressed down. Hand quilting shows up as hills and valleys – the hills are the spaces between the stitches (the valleys).

Quilt: This is an Irish Chain-type design. Lap-sized quilt. The blocks when made can be turned so that a Trip Round the World design is produced. This is a single Irish Chain. 42 x 42 inches. £60

‘I Love Liberty’ bed quilt: These appliqué hearts and leaves have been applied in 10 different designs and in different colourways. Liberty fabrics really lend themselves to this sort of scrap quilt. In-between I have appliquéd a heart pattern. Looks beautiful in a traditional bedroom. 69 x 83 inches. This quilt won a Viewers’ Choice rosette at the Icknield Quilters exhibition in 2013, and is travelling to Canada this year for the Ailsa Craig exhibition. £300

Colorado Quilt : This is a Colorado design block and makes a good lap quilt for a cold evening. All lap quilts are great for disabled people who get chilly while in wheelchairs etc. If you would like any design or colourway, do get in contact. 42 x 42 inches. £60

Drama Queen : Another ‘challenge’ jellyroll lap quilt, this time with little black squares between: 65 x 72 inches: £100

Funky chicken quilt: A windmill design with a difference. Funky chicken fabric. Hand quilted. 48 x 48 inches. £50