Berries: This is the third in a series of circle wall hangings, Arty Farties, and the smallest one at 11 x 18 inches. Mauve fabrics. Hand appliquéd. £9

Lilies: I made this quilt for a challenge by Icknield Quilters. We had to do curved Japanese folded patchwork. I liked this pattern by Jennie Rayment in tulip shapes. 26 x 26 inches. £30

You Must be Kidding: A silk wall hanging made after a workshop with Siripan Kidd, from Thailand. The image is originally a small part of a postcard and repeated. The gold thread quilting includes my rabbit image! 17 x 17 inches. £30

Oranges are not the only Fruit: This wallhanging was entered into the Mimram Quilters’ exhibition in 2011 and won first prize for the themed competition – a Book Title. This illustrated ‘Oranges are not the only fruit’. All hand appliquéd and embroidered text. 22 x 22 inches. £60

Tidy pockets holders: These wall hanging item holders are really useful in the kitchen, study or bedroom. People have bought these to keep beany babies in for their tots, nappy changing equipment for the nursery; smaller pocketed ones will keep envelopes, bills, cards etc all tidy in one place. Let me know your requirements and design. 25 x 30 inches, 4 pockets. £15

Kekfesto feast quilt: Just before I went on holiday to Hungary, I discovered kekfesto indigo dyed fabrics in a magazine article. Imagine my pleasure when we found a museum on the whole subject, and then a shop selling some of these wonderful designs. I came home and made a quilt, and then for the second coincidence I found out that there was going to be an exhibition in Hungary for kekfesto quilts the following year. So I entered mine and had the pleasure of visiting Hungary again seeing it hanging in the exhibition. It is a fascinating and dying (sorry about the pun) art and the Society out there is desperately trying to keep it going. My design is based on Barbara Chainey’s idea of ‘Fast quilts from fat quarters’ – a really lovely book to have in one’s library. 40 x 40 inches. £80

This is an octagon quilt designed for an art exhibition at Luton Hoo. They have redesigned their octagonal garden which used to serve the main house. I took pictures of various plants and wrought iron designs on their greenhouses and made this wallhanging. The four coloured panels represent laburnum, foxgloves, akebia leaves and colourful pelargoniums. The flower in the middle is a Lord Bute pelargonium – he had connections with Luton Hoo and the plant was developed there. 33 inches diameter. £180

Shattered Chrysanthemums: A 16-patch wall hanging, cut, rearranged and sewn again from 16 identical patches of chrysanthemum design. 28 x 34 inches: £70

This wall hanging was made for an exhibition themed competition called Evolution – for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. I found an interesting acorn from an ancient forerunner of our oak with the wonderful name of Trigonobalanus. All hand appliquéd. 40 x 16 inches. £50

Plum trees: I have made this for the Mimram Quilters Exhibition (see Home Page). It is in the competition category of ‘Memories’. These plum trees were in my parents’ garden in the first house I can remember before I was 5 years old. Machine appliqué with loads of thread and bead surface decoration. My cat and rabbit have also found their way onto it somehow! About 24 x 26 inches. £60

Plum trees: Detail

"Cats, Cats, Cats": I have a couple of cats hangings, one 26 x 22 inches (£20) and one 21 x 12 (£10).

Purple Star: This is a flip and sew technique, made as a challenge to fit in triangles, rectangles and applique techniques in one quilt. £35