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Mimram Quilters have been asked to produce some small quilts on the theme of ‘Scraptastic’ for Grosvenor Exhibitions, touring round several venues in 2018. So look out for these on their fliers. Very exciting. Mine is already finished!


Sewing Bags
Make yourself this very pretty sewing bag (c. 10 inches high) – or as a gift for a friend. With a little (or no!) work before the workshop, you can complete the bag in a day.
  • Up to 10–12 students
  • Needs sewing machine and walking foot
  • Can provide some pocket ‘fronts’

    sewing bags


Pineapple Poll
Learn how to do a quick method of pineapple log cabin work. Make a wallhanging in a day. This pretty pattern is easy to learn and accurate.
  • Up to 10 students
  • Machine sewing
  • Needs a 6-inch ruler with diagonal line
Pineapple Poll


Fail Safe Appliqué 1
Choose one of three designs provided and learn how to make a 12-inch appliqué block, using hand or machine buttonhole stitch embroidery and embellishments to finish off. This is a ‘magical’ experience for an afternoon workshop.
  • Up to 10–15 students
  • Hand or machine embroidery
  • Can provide beads
  • Will provide choice of patterns
The three pictures of the quilt with vine swags has well over 20 different grape fabrics – I made the four borders first, then decided on the middle which is ‘Road to California’ design, I have quilted in the plain bands a vine leaf and a bunch of grapes. This is for a wedding present for a friend’s son.
Grape Appliqué Grape Appliqué Grape Appliqué


Fail Safe Appliqué 2
This is a hand method of appliqué taught to me by Lynne Edwards. She has published a book called Button Hole Stitch Appliqué The technique involves making a 12-inch block with a pattern I provide (at least three to choose from) and it is built up on a silicone sheet before magically applying it to your background block. They are then embellished with hand-sewn button-hole stitch and sometimes beading. Here are some photos – the pansy basket quilt was from a Lynne Edwards’ pattern to which I added some quilting and a little posy of pansies. I was honoured when it was included in her book.
appliqué appliqué
Fail Safe Appliqué 3
The wallhanging pictured here was entered into the Mimram Quilters’ exhibition in 2011 and won first prize for the themed competition – a Book Title. This picture illustrated ‘Oranges are not the only fruit’. There are many other types of appliqué – by machine they can be embellished by button hole stitch, satin stitch, invisible stitch or simple plain stitch along the edge. By hand you can also use the needle-turning method – here the object is to make your stitches as invisible as possible, whereas with button-hole stitch you use the thread to make a statement – the fabulous variegated or metallic threads are beautiful for this. Beading enhances some pictures, particularly of flowers. The robin is made by Shirley Bloomfield as an example of invisible needle-turning.
appliqué appliqué
Stretching the Imagination
Learn how to draft a block pattern and stretch it to show a different perspective. Then make enough blocks up in fabric to make a wall hanging.
  • Up to 10 students
  • Machine sewing
  • Will provide draft paper
sewing bags


Folded Cathedral Window
This pretty folded method of Cathedral Window is a Lynne Edward’s classic. Quicker and less fiddly than the usual methods, enough patches can be made to make (and with luck finish) a cushion cover. Make a children’s cushion with fun inserts or design sophisticated silk jewel-like inserts.
  • Up to 15 students
  • Hand sewing (but you can use a machine for final sewing patches together)
  • Can provide some silk for inserts
sewing bags
Peaceful Scenes
These exciting embellished sea/landscape wallhangings can be all your own design from photos or imagination. The long seascape is about 24 x 10 inches. Bring a selection of gorgeous or interpretative fabrics, variegated or metallic threads, and embellishments.
  • Up to 8–10 students
  • Needs sewing machine and walking foot
  • Can provide some interesting fabrics and embellishments
sewing bags